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Booking to cash process

  Booking to cash process This process begins when the system gets a request from a consumer. Customers can place orders online directly on your website or by email from your sales staff. Either way, automating your order management can help you move orders quickly from order entry to cash receipt. Order fulfillment and delivery follow next in the cycle (Ahmed et al ., 2017). This stage of the cycle mostly pertains to firms that deal with physical items, where inventory staff should be informed with the correct information of the order to proceed with fulfillment and delivery. When it comes to digital services or Software as a Service (SaaS), this might entail allowing access to the ordered product or service. In this case, study how the booking to cash process is occurring in the photography company Fotof Fotof's booking to cash or Order to cash provides services in the areas of family photography, personal event photography (such as weddings and parties), and commercial pho

Mom, 42, loses hearing in one ear after mild COVID-19 infection and will need a hearing aid as experts say coronavirus 'has the potential to be worse' than other viruses on hearing loss

A mother-of-two lost her hearing in one ear and will have to get a hearing aid after suffering a mild COVID-19 infection in which she had no other symptoms.  Meredith Harrell, 42, noticed that one ear began ringing and she could hear nothing else in it while at home in July.  When she had a positive coronavirus test the next week, a doctor explained it was likely the reason for her loss of hearing.  It comes as experts fear that COVID-19 is more likely than other viruses to cause hearing loss in patients.   Small studies have found a link between COVID-19 and hearing loss as more coronavirus patients begin to report it as a rare symptom. Pictured, a woman undergoes a coronavirus test 'It was like someone flipped a switch,' Harrell told CNN of her sudden loss of hearing.  Her family all tested positive for coronavirus but she was the only one whose hearing was affected. Her husband experienced a tight chest for a few days and her children, aged 9 and 10, had no symptoms.  She be

Trump warns the US will turn into a socialist nation under a Biden presidency and tells fans to 'vote the Democrats into oblivion' in his first public event at the White House since returning from the hospital

President Trump warned his supporters on Saturday that the United States was at risk of becoming a socialist country if Joe Biden were to be elected in November and that Americans should 'vote the Democrats into oblivion.' The president made the remarks while standing on the balcony of the White House before a large crowd of supporters that had gathered on the South Lawn. It was the first public event held by the president since his release from the hospital last week. Trump spent four days at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, after contracting coronavirus.  'I'm feeling great... We're starting very big with our rallies... because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist country,' he told the crowd.  President Trump (seen above on Saturday) addressed hundreds of supporters on the South Lawn of the White House in his first public event since returning from the hospital last week The president warned that Joe Biden, his Democratic opponent

'Boris's life hung in the balance but a family row wasn't far away': When PM was hospitalised with Covid, his relationship with ex-wife Marina's children was strained... while his sister Rachel rowed with their father Stanley, writes TOM BOWER

One week into Boris Johnson's campaign to take over from Theresa May as Prime Minister last year, long-standing differences of opinion among his team erupted.  Lynton Crosby, the strategist who had masterminded his victory as London Mayor, was frozen out by Boris's partner Carrie Symonds, who was convinced he had orchestrated her recent departure from Conservative Central Office as well as a run of negative media stories. Instead, Boris decided that Dominic Cummings was critical to his campaign and his potential premiership. A controversial figure, Cummings has been described by David Cameron as a 'career psychopath', by senior Tory Oliver Letwin as 'an unelected foul-mouthed oaf throwing his weight around', and by John Major as 'an aggressive bully'. For Boris, importing Cummings added fuel to the fire. Four days after Mr Johnson announced lockdown, Downing Street revealed that he had 'mild symptoms' of Covid-19 (above, Prime Minister's vide

Parking warden ignores handwritten plea from car owner to spare them a ticket while they are in isolation awaiting the results of their coronavirus test

A parking warden ignored a handwritten note from a car owner asking to be spared a ticket while they are self-isolating. A car owner left a handwritten plea on their windscreen in Haringey, north London, asking a parking warden not to give them a ticket.  The driver explained in the note that they had been forced to self-isolate while waiting for the results of their coronavirus test, The Sun reported. But a shocked passerby saw a penalty charged envelope had been issued and stuck next to the note, which had been tucked behind the car's windscreen wipers. A car owner left a handwritten note addressed to a parking warden asking for them not to be given a ticket as they were self-isolating while waiting for Covid-19 test results The ticket was thought to be issued by a parking warden on Friday afternoon. The polite note left by the car owner read: 'Dear warden, we are back in isolation waiting on CO19 test results. 'Please do not give us a ticket. Thank you.' But the car

REVEALED: GOP mega-donor Louis DeJoy gave $685,000 to the Republican National Convention before Trump named him to head the postal service

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has been accused by Democrats of sabotaging the US Postal Service to help President Trump win re-election, donated more than $685,000 to help stage the recent Republican convention. New filings that were first reported by CNN show that DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman, was one of the leading Republican fundraisers for the convention before he was named head of the US Postal Service. The filings released on Friday by the Federal Election Commission show that between December 2018 and March 2020, DeJoy donated $685,230 to the Charlotte Host Committee. In total, the committee raked in more than $44million and spent more than $38million. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy donated more than $685,000 to a committee that staged the Republican National Convention, according to election filings. DeJoy is a prolific Republican fundraiser and supporter of President Trump Host committees are nonprofit organizations that solicit donations from corporations and in

You’re promoting HEALTH-protecting products? Dettol makes Rule of Six ad blunder after its latest commercial breaches social distancing rules by featuring EIGHT people enjoying a meal

Dettol’s manufacturers have had to clean up an advertising blunder after it emerged their latest commercial breached social distancing rules. The firm has hastily pulled the advert which featured seven adults and a child sitting down to enjoy a twilight meal – breaking the current Rule of Six. The advertisement was made over the summer when people were eagerly meeting loved ones after months of lockdown.  Dettol's latest commercial showed seven adults (No 2 almost obscured by others) and a child sitting down to enjoy a twilight meal – clearly breaking the ‘Rule of Six’ The rules changed in mid-September but the commercial remained on air until this weekend in a particularly embarrassing move because it promoted health-protecting products. Viewers mocked the firm, with one writing: ‘When you have a group of seven who do you decide to exclude? Dettol didn’t know.’ The 20-second advert for household disinfectants featured an outdoor meal where a group of eight appeared to be reuniting

Back UK farmers, says Great British Bake Off’s Prue Leith: TV chef warns MPs of the dangers of trading away Britain’s food standards on eve of crucial vote

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith today leads a new alliance of chefs and restaurateurs urging Boris Johnson to block substandard foods from flooding into the UK under post-Brexit trade deals Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith today leads a new alliance of chefs and restaurateurs urging Boris Johnson to block substandard foods from flooding into the UK under post-Brexit trade deals. The move comes as the Prime Minister faces a Commons showdown with Conservative rebels tomorrow.  They want stronger protections on food standards to stop foods such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-filled beef flooding into the UK, especially from America. In a rousing call ahead of the crunch Commons vote, Ms Leith, whose son Danny Kruger is a Tory backbencher, said: 'British farmers are the best in the world – let's support them this week. Everybody who cares about British high food standards should back our farmers. After all, we are what we eat.' And she warned: 'Chlorinate

Rise in Britons being treated with Covid in hospital is partly driven by them catching it on wards, figures show

The rise in Britons being treated with coronavirus in hospital is being driven in part by them catching it on the wards, the latest available figures indicate.  The number of hospital cases rose from 2,396 to 3,660 – an increase of 52 per cent – between September 30 and October 7.  But separate statistics show almost one in five with the virus in hospital tested positive seven days or more after admission – implying they caught it there.  The rise in Britons being treated with coronavirus in hospital is being driven in part by them catching it on the wards, the latest available figures indicate (stock image) The findings suggest Covid-19 hospitalisations caused by community outbreaks may not be growing as fast as some fear.  Rises in admissions have been greatest in North West England, say health officials.  But the total number of virus patients in UK hospitals is still a fraction of the peak figure of 19,849 in April.  Whitty's 'dodgy dossier' on virus spread in pubs  By

Searching for submarines? Unmanned ‘spy ship’ powered by solar energy and designed to avoid detection is found off the coast of Scotland

An unmanned 'spy ship' powered by solar energy and designed to avoid detection has been found off the coast of Scotland. The £300,000 US-made Wave Glider stealth vessel was found on the coast of Tiree, a hundred miles from the UK’s nuclear submarine base at Faslane two weeks ago. But no country has yet come forward to claim it. Wave Gliders are only used by the US and British navies, but the Ministry of Defence has said the boat does not belong to the Royal Navy. An unmanned Wave Glider 'spy ship' powered by solar energy and designed to avoid detection has been found on the coast of Tiree, Scotland The £300,000 was found a hundred miles from the UK’s nuclear submarine base at Faslane two weeks ago but no country has yet come forward to claim it. The boat does not have navigation lights, a legal requirement for all ships at sea, suggesting it could have been on an intelligence gathering mission. And naval sources have suggested could have been deployed by the Russians to