Booking to cash process

  Booking to cash process This process begins when the system gets a request from a consumer. Customers can place orders online directly on your website or by email from your sales staff. Either way, automating your order management can help you move orders quickly from order entry to cash receipt. Order fulfillment and delivery follow next in the cycle (Ahmed et al ., 2017). This stage of the cycle mostly pertains to firms that deal with physical items, where inventory staff should be informed with the correct information of the order to proceed with fulfillment and delivery. When it comes to digital services or Software as a Service (SaaS), this might entail allowing access to the ordered product or service. In this case, study how the booking to cash process is occurring in the photography company Fotof Fotof's booking to cash or Order to cash provides services in the areas of family photography, personal event photography (such as weddings and parties), and commercial pho

Studying in the UK

 Studying in the UK is a dream that many students around the globe harbor. There is no speck of doubt about the UK's education sector being among the best in the world. However, quality doesn't always come cheap. International students often find the tuition and living costs in the UK overwhelming and look for scholarships that will partially or fully cover these expenses.

 Scholarships in the UK, like most scholarships elsewhere, cover the educational expenses, living allowance for the student, an economy class air ticket to the UK, and additional grants to take care of other financial obligations. Scholarships are a huge helping hand for international students, and it is a wise decision to apply for one if you are eligible. Let's take a look at 10 scholarship programs of top universities in UK that you shouldn’t miss!

10 Scholarship Programs of Top Universities in UK That You Shouldn’t Miss

1.   Chevening Scholarships


This is the UK government's global scholarship program. It is aimed at students with exceptional academic results and leadership skills. It gives future leaders around the world an opportunity to study in the UK. It is open to all international students if they clear the Chevening eligibility criteria. It allows you to pursue a one-year Master's degree at any UK's top universities.

2.   Commonwealth Masters Scholarships


If you are a citizen of a commonwealth country, then this scholarship might be just the thing for you. This is a UK government offering that is meant to motivate and empower students of commonwealth countries to contribute to their home country's development. The student must prove that they belong to a low-income group family. They should also show an active inclination towards sustainable development.

3.   Rhodes Scholarship


The Rhodes scholarship began in the year 1902 and since then has recognized students with intellect, leadership qualities, and commitment to service. You must check this out only if you are enrolled in a two-year full-time postgraduate course at the University of Oxford. It covers the educational expenses and gives an annual allowance. The stipend may vary depending on the academic year, but it is around £1,325 per annum.

4.   Gates Cambridge Scholarship


This is one of the most prestigious scholarships globally and is awarded by the University of Cambridge in the UK. Only 80 outstanding and bright students worldwide have a chance to get one. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee and provides allowances too. Any international student can apply who displays academic excellence, a commitment towards improving other's lives, and leadership skills.

5.   Clarendon Scholarship Fund


This is another one of the UK's most prestigious scholarships offered by the University of Oxford. It is awarded to around 140 graduate degree level students every year based on academic results and potential. It covers total tuition fees and generous grants for other expenses.

6.   Marshall Scholarships


This is a unique type of scholarship and is explicitly meant for academically distinguished American citizens. Up to 40 students from the United States who display leadership qualities and want to pursue an education in the UK receive this scholarship. These are one or two-year scholarships for future front-runners, enhancing the UK's relations with the US.

7.   Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship


There are just 30 scholarships offered to international students under this initiative by the University of Edinburgh. The students must be eligible to undertake a Ph.D. research program in any field of study. This scholarship differs slightly from the others as no allowances or maintenance expenses are granted, but just the difference between the domestic and overseas tuition fees is covered. Subject to the student's sufficient progress, the grants are tenable for up to three years.

8.   University of Westminster Scholarship


The University of Westminster awards various scholarships to international students. The eligibility of the candidate depends on their financial requirements, academic merit, and development potential. The student must be enrolled in a full-time Master's degree at the University of Westminster. 

9.   Denys Holland Scholarship


The University College London offers this scholarship to students from any country if they establish that they cannot fund their studies at the university or display an active interest in the overall university life and the Student Union. The grant is £9,000 per year for three years which the student can utilize to pay the tuition fees or as an allowance.

10.                Chancellor’s Scholarships


The University of West England offers these in Bristol to international students for one academic year. It covers half of the academic expenses. The student must also intern with the International Office or other departments and participate in an ambassadorial activity for the University while pursuing the course.


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