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Booking to cash process

  Booking to cash process This process begins when the system gets a request from a consumer. Customers can place orders online directly on your website or by email from your sales staff. Either way, automating your order management can help you move orders quickly from order entry to cash receipt. Order fulfillment and delivery follow next in the cycle (Ahmed et al ., 2017). This stage of the cycle mostly pertains to firms that deal with physical items, where inventory staff should be informed with the correct information of the order to proceed with fulfillment and delivery. When it comes to digital services or Software as a Service (SaaS), this might entail allowing access to the ordered product or service. In this case, study how the booking to cash process is occurring in the photography company Fotof Fotof's booking to cash or Order to cash provides services in the areas of family photography, personal event photography (such as weddings and parties), and commercial pho

Best MBA Online Colleges in the USA

  “Opportunities never open, instead we create them for us”. Beginning with this amazing saying, let’s unbox today’s knowledge. Love Business and marketing? Want to make a high-paid career in business administration? Well, if yes, then mate, we have got you something amazing to do!   We all imagine an effortless future with a cozy house and a laptop. Well, well! You can make this happen. Today, with this guide, we will be exploring some of the top-notch online MBA universities and institutes in the USA. Let’s get started! Why learn Online MBA from the USA? Access to More Options This online era has given a second chance to children who want to reflect on their careers while managing their hectic schedules. In this, the internet has played a very crucial in rejuvenating schools, institutes, and colleges to give the best education to students across the globe. Graduating with Less Debt Regular classes from high reputed institutes often charge heavy tuition fees. However o

Best Online MBBS Colleges in the USA

Are you hunting for a medical college abroad? Well, if yes, Kudos, as you have landed at the right station. Knowingly, MBBS degree, which is often called a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is approximately four years of courses offered by several medical colleges, and institutes. But amongst these many institutes, how to find the best online MBBS colleges for you? No worries, as today with this guide, we will be thriving some of the 5 best online MBBS colleges in the USA. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin the search!   Why Should I Study MBBS in the USA? There are numerous advantages of studying MBBS from the USA. Out of which, one of the enticing things is you don’t have to appear for the FMGE exam (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) in countries like India. Other than this- ·          First rated universities Just like other countries, universities in the USA tend to offer several amenities to foreign students to nurture their educational experience wisel

What is Health Insurance and Why is it Important?

 Nowadays, especially after COVID came into the scene, health is what everyone is prioritising before everything else. With the increasing concern of health, many people are now more focused on getting health insurance to protect their health. In this article, we’ll discover the meaning of health insurance and why it has become so important. Let’s begin with knowing the meaning of health insurance. Health insurance is an insurance type that pays overall on behalf of an individual for medical costs incurred due to any sort of illness. These charges may involve hospitalization bills, pharmaceutical prices, medical consultation fees, etc. More precisely, health insurance always inclines to cover the insured individual’s medical, surgical, medication drugs, along with dental expenditures. Health insurance pays the care provider directly or it compensates the insured individual for expenses incurred due to illness or accident. Health insurance is also continually encompassed in employee